Searching Neon - Brigade

4' Musikvideo

Das neue Musikvideo der Band Brigade. Eine moody audiovisuelle Reise, gemischt mit Visuals von „La Manchega Vj“ führt die beiden Frauen durch die Neon Landschaft.

Ton Töpferei beschreibt die Musik so: „XOXO is what neo-pop always wanted to be. Our own Brigade partnered up with Margret, whose lullaby voice complement the duo’s three-piece on this EP. Contrary to the past, Brigade capture real urban feel in their works, weaving the blankets of moody, driven sounds for Margret to release her words upon. The part haunting, part relieving pseudo-grooves make for an unusual soundscape that doesn’t want to guide you towards a certain state of mind. Together with its crisp finish and pristine texture, XOXO mocks its step-siblings in avantgarde pop by adding to it the depth of actual emotional art.“


Diego Da Cruz
Philipp Phildius
Leo Wolters
La Manchega Vj
Philipp Phildius, Diego Da Cruz, Basti Kameter

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